The faith community is critical to building strong families and strong communities. Faith leaders can take action by helping to recruit, retain and maintain enduring relationships with current and prospective foster and adoptive families. Click below to find out how you can get involved.

Church Engagement Flyer

"Becoming part of a wrap team is not something we ever dreamed of. When we pray to become the hands and feet of Jesus ... we found the blessing of being welcomed into another's family life to live life along side with them, to witness not just what is on the surface but real everyday life, the smiles and the meltdowns, accomplishments and set backs, and the amazing love and forgiveness. Its the kind of relationship found in a family not of our own choosing. The family we have become a part of, is thankful for everything we do, from delivering food to helping in the garden or just visiting. What a joy and blessing it is to be around thankful hearts." South Dakota Wrap Family

"I felt so honored that someone cared enough to say we understand. When you brought us the diapers it was a heartfelt moment for me. Thank you for what you are doing for our foster families." South Dakota Foster Mom

"I cried when I started unpacking all the wonderful food! So glad there are people who make sure foster families know we're not forgotten." South Dakota Foster Mom