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Will You Be The One to Open Your Home?

If you choose to become a foster parent, you will have a team of professionals to support you. They will ensure you are informed about what to expect, prepare you for the experience, and provide you with the resources you need, like parenting techniques. 

Here's what else you can expect. 

  • By law, background checks are required for all potential foster parents and anyone who is over 18 years old and living in the foster home. Additionally representatives from the Division of Child Protection Services will make supervisory visits to your home while children are placed in your care.

  • A team of professionals will be in place to help make significant decisions concerning children placed in your care.

  • Children entering foster care come from difficult situations. While in foster care, they may need special care and treatment like counseling or ongoing medical attention. The Department of Social Services coordinates these appointments and pays for counseling and medical treatment.

  • Just like any other child, children in foster care are busy with school, extracurricular activities and friends. You can expect to be busy too!

  • Foster care is generally a temporary placement to provide children with safety and stability while their families work to overcome challenges. Most children return home to their families.

Will You Be the One to Open Your Heart?

The positive impacts provided by foster parents are many. Here's some examples of how foster parents make valuable differences in the lives of children.
  • Providing care to a child in his or her own community will lessen the disruption in the child's life and help the child stay connected with his/her family, friends, culture, tribe, school and community.

  • Caring for a child in his/her own community allows parents/caretakers to stay in close contact with their child. Family reunification is more successful if the parents and child are able to maintain consistent visitation and contact while the parents work to make necessary changes to keep their child safe.

  • Caring for sibling groups provides stability and helps preserve their relationships. To lessen their sense of loss by maintaining family connections, it is important for siblings to stay together when they are removed from their home.

  • By celebrating successes, calming nerves, and building confidence, foster parents help teenagers grow into independent young adults.

Will You Be the One to Change Lives?

Foster parenting is a challenge. It requires dedication, patience, and compassion. Children need foster care because difficult family circumstances cause the child to be unsafe. Regardless of the cause, these children need a safe home. They need someone to nurture them and provide them with a secure environment.